We are a Case Management company working within the personal injury industry for solicitors, insurers, private industry and private paying clients.

We provide a specialist service delivery for specific clients who have suffered catastrophic life changing and serious injuries, supporting them every step of the way through their rehabilitation journey.

The following are some examples of the types of injuries we deal with:

Complex Orthopaedic          Traumatic Brain Injury

Spinal Cord Injury          Peripheral Nerve Injury

Amputee – upper limb/lower limb

These are the types of cases that we deal with:

Road traffic accident injury          Accident in the work place injury
Industrial accident injury          Fall from height injury
Crush injury          Sports injury
Recreational injury

Main services

We offer three levels of Immediate Needs Assessment (INA) reports relevant to the clients’ injuries undertaken by one of our national and strategically located Occupational Therapist Case Managers.

Once the Immediate Needs Assessment (INA) is authorised, Clinical Case Management is delivered by the same Case Manager to ensure consistency.

In addition, we also provide In-Reach Reports, Concise Updates, and Return to Work assessments.

The Immediate Needs Assessment (INA) and Report
The subsequent Case Management