William Broadbent

Solicitor, Leigh Day


William is a personal injury solicitor acting on behalf of Claimants only. He specialises in claims involving vulnerable road users and cyclists in particular. He has a particular focus on orthopaedic and traumatic brain injury cases.

William is a keen cyclist himself which gives him a very good insight into the particular interests and concerns his clients may have in relation to claims and the rehabilitation process.

William acts for Claimants in multi-track cases only (cases in excess of £25,000) but ranging from £25,000 up to seven-figure claims.


Presentation details

“Optimising a Claimant’s case management experience”


The main topics discussed will be:

  • the priorities for a Claimant
  • pros and cons of joint instruction unilateral instruction for the Claimant
  • the importance of clear and detailed updates and recommendations
  • the importance of timely requests for further funding and the interim payment process.