Sara Isenberg, Senior Associate Solicitor

Sara Isenberg, Royds Withy King LLP


*Presenting with Tim Gofton*


Sara is a solicitor specialising in the areas of mental capacity law and the Court of Protection. She acts for a range of clients from the elderly to young children, some the subject of negligence litigation others not. Sara is also a director of Royds Withy King Trust company which acts as a professional Deputy and Attorney for many clients. Sara is therefore experienced at instructing case managers to assist in ensuring her clients’ best interests are met.


Presentation details

“Navigating the Covid employment law maze: A session on the key employment law considerations triggered by the Covid-19 crisis facing Case Managers”


Covid has raised a number of complexities in the workplace for Case Managers.  Many of these complexities have not been encountered before.  The Covid employment law topics that Tim Gofton and Sara Isenberg of Royds Withy King LLP will look at in this presentation include:

  • Mandatory vaccinations in the workplace
  • Staff who refuse to attend the workplace because of Covid
  • Dealing with long-Covid in the workplace
  • The key health and safety issues arising in the workplace

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  • 10 November, 2021
  • 09:30 - 10:10
  • CMSUK Auditorium