Melanie Reid

Writer, The Times


Melanie Reid is a writer and columnist for The Times. In 2010 she fell off her horse and broke her neck, becoming tetraplegic. She charts her life in the award-winning Spinal Column in The Times’ Saturday magazine and in 2019 wrote a best-selling book about her experiences; “The World I Fell Out Of.”


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“A year of danger – and gratitude”


Surviving lockdown wasn’t in my hands – I rely on others to get me washed and dressed and up, and
put me to bed at night. My survival, as someone shielding, was down to sacrifices made by my carers.
Humanity saved people like me – we mustn’t forget that. The difficulties of being even more invisible,
cooped up with your family, living with the constant terror of ending up in hospital. How the pandemic
changed the management of how we lived and worked.