Keith Baker

Neurofeedback therapist and counsellor, Fusion Neurotherapy


After training in various healing modalities, I started work as a social worker in 2001, and also qualified as a counsellor in 2012, to be able to work more directly with clients. As a counsellor, the majority of my practice has been working with various kinds of trauma. Training with Bessel Van De Kolk and others, lead me to training in neurofeedback and somatic work. This helped me get much better outcomes in a shorter period of time for my clients. I use two neurofeedback systems, LENS and the Nexus 10, and a variety somatic modality.


Presentation details

“Integrating Neurofeedback & somatic experiencing into the treatment of physical & emotional trauma”


I will cover how they can improve outcomes and shorten treatment times for people who have experienced physical and emotional trauma, as well as other conditions, such as neuro degenerative conditions and conditions around learning and impulse control. I will show how Neurofeedback and somatic experiencing modalities work. This will include the principles behind the modalities, as well as some of the research into them. I will explain how they can be used together, and also how good outcomes can be delivered by using them separately.