Dr Mick Stephenson

CBT Psychotherapist, Lifeplus Consultation and Psychotherapy Services Ltd


I completed my MSc in CBT in 2005.  I am also an EMDR practitioner and an RMN (accredited with both the NMC and BABCP).  I have lectured at the University of Derby; including as a Programme Manager for the “Primary Care Mental Health Worker” course and as an associate lecturer on the “IAPT” Programme.

I have been working with the treatment of trauma since 2004.  Treatment has often included intervention for coexisting conditions concomitant with trauma; typically depression, anxiety and panic.  I am passionate about ethical psychotherapeutic practice; and understanding psychotherapy in the context of human rights and free speech.


Presentation details

“Applying the Code of Ethics and Conduct in Case Management Practice (2018) to traumatized clients – a nurse-psychotherapist’s perspective”


A question-and-answer type (live-stream) presentation that explores ‘the code’ from a psychotherapeutic viewpoint.  For example, the scope of a CM’s practice includes the challenge of understanding a client’s distressing life events and needs; yet how does one assess these needs without re-traumatising the client in the process?  (1:3 – Duty of Care).

Further, the CM is obliged to raise concerns where they become aware of ‘poor or inadequate practice’; yet how is this practically achieved, and what ‘benchmark’ for good/bad psychotherapeutic practice does one use?  (3:4 – Integrity and Transparency).